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Beautiful 34 Design Excel Chart Plotting #n/a
  chart plotting n a values x axis mrexcel publishing re chart plotting n a values x axis that is not the problem even if you try and make a chart and not show a point in a column chart you will still see the xaxis for that label n a in excel charts microsoft community hi i have come across a number of sources saying that excel ignores n a while plotting a line chart however it does not do so for me instead it joins the points surrounding nan excel tip of the week 171 using n a in charts blogs however by using n a excel will ignore the data and not include it in your graph n a is the error value that means no value is available you can use n a to mark empty cells and by entering n plot blank cells and n a in excel charts peltier tech blog plot n a in stacked excel charts in a stacked line chart n a is plotted as zero since you need a point on which to stack other series the n a zero points have markers but no data labels in a s creating a chart in excel that ignores n a or blank cells while the above solutions do prevent charts from plotting data when source cells are n a or made to look blank it doesnt resolve the issue of the chart data labels themselves still showing a zero how to tell excel to ignore num errors in plotting a i am plotting a line chart which is a time series after a certain period of time the time series shows num how can i get excel to ignore the num and plot nothing currently it plots all values how to suppress 0 values in an excel chart techrepublic excel wont chart n a values youll still see the category label in the axis but excel wont chart the actual 0 now lets use excels replace feature to replace the 0 values in the example using na to avoid plotting 0 values microsoft community a bar chart will any which ways not show up a 0 value the problem you are describing appears on a line chart the problem you are describing appears on a line chart one simple workaround is to filte plotting data with microsoft excel rice university plotting with microsoft excel 2 form of categories to show a relationship between continuous variables such as height versus time one would typically use a line graph or a scatter plot with trend li  Beautiful 34 Design Excel Chart Plotting #n/a

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