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Inspirational 34 Design Excel Bar Chart Numeric X Axis
  text instead of numbers on x axis in bar chart microsoft now you can hide the x axis labels and the secondary y axis the result should look similar to this screenshot where you can also see the data table for the xy series and the text labels the result column chart x axis numeric scale home tm consulting to make the change double click the x axis and in resulting format axis dialog box in the axis options tab check the logarithmic scale checkbox the result is in figure 12 the result is in figure making a bar graph from non numeric data values my question is how can i make this a bar graph where on the x axis i have my question s i e c1 c2 c3 and on the y axis i have frequency of responses i envision each question having two bar graph creating a histogram with numerical x axis in i would like to create a bar chart or a histogram with vertical bars and a numerical x axis but i do not know how where to start i have ms excel and origin plot available with me change the scale of the horizontal category axis in a chart the horizontal category axis also known as the x axis of a chart displays text labels instead of numeric intervals and provides fewer scaling options than are available for a vertical value axis excel chart x axis scale column chart x axis numeric figure 6 reciprocal chart axis scale note this is an xy scatter so it has a value x which can have logarithmic line category treats its math worksheet plot bar with specific range of in matlab stack e excel category axis types peltier tech blog a default bar chart has its category x axis along the vertical axis and the bars extend horizontally parallel to the value y axis note that the vertical axis is the x axis and the horizontal axi x axis category vs value peltier tech excel charts and the two series can be plotted on the same set of axes double click the cats series and on the axis tab change the option from secondary to primary the result is shown below right excel considers excel charts non numeric vertical y axis graph for my next trick i will be creating a chart that focuses on plotting non numerical categories on the vertical axis of a graph now obviously there are numbers underlying the graph data but not vi  Inspirational 34 Design Excel Bar Chart Numeric X Axis

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