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Unique 32 Sample Excel Combo Chart Legend order
  order of legend entries in excel charts peltier tech blog order of legend entries in stacked charts generally series are listed in the legend in the order they are plotted however in vertically stacked charts line column and area if the legend lists excel z order of series in chart and legend stack overflow i have a combo chart in excel with clustered bar charts for a box plot and lines i am trying to display the bar charts box plot in front of the lines but am able to do so change chart legend order excel tips solutions since 1998 re change chart legend order my suggested solution for the combo chart works with excel 2013 using minimal dummy data using excel 2010 however i have had failures when reordering data series in c legend label order and chart data series order do not the excel 2010 order of chart labels in our legend does not match the order of the series in the chart data dialog box the entries in the chart legend are different than the series order in the l how to change excel legend order super user source how to change the order of the legend in an excel chart right click on one of the names listed on your legend click on the select data option from the list that appears click on the entry disable excel legend ordering by chart type first i have a combo chart type series 1 3 are line series 4 is a bar where i would like the legend ordered by the series order only not by the excel standard chart type first then series order reordering chart data series in excel stack overflow click chart layoutformat selection or menuformatdata series on popup menu format data series click order then click individual series and click move up or move down buttons to adjust th change the plotting order of categories values or data if the chart for which you want to change the plotting order displays axes you can quickly reverse the order in which the categories or values are plotted along those axes excel chart data series data points and data labels charts and graphs in excel and google sheets use data points data markers and data labels to visualize data and convey information if you want to create more powerful charts learn how each of thes  Unique 32 Sample Excel Combo Chart Legend order


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