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Lovely 32 Sample Excel Chart Time Axis Hours
  how can i build a graph with a time axis based on minutes time series charts do not support for fractions of a day the normal approach for time units of less than a day is to use a scatter chart and set the axis to display units of the relevant fraction of create a chart with date or time data pryor learning scatter charts automatically take date or time data and turn it into a time scale axis when you select a date or time range and the data associated with it excel will take its best guess at organiz 24 hour date time graph plotted on x axis in excel stack you can have data without lw hw values and repeat the date for the time values and choose line chart as the chart type you will get data as in the image how to chart 24 hours on a vertical axis in excel chron com graphs in microsoft excel typically chart time on the horizontal axis time is the independent variable in most relationships and dependent variables appear on the vertical axis plotting times of day microsoft excel exceltips ribbon richard has some source data that shows the date and time displayed in the format dd mm yy hhmm but when he creates a chart from that data the only thing that is plotted is the date how to create a chart with date and time on x axis in excel in excel we usually insert a chart to better describe the data but in some cases when you create a column bar line chart based on a series of date and time the x axis of the chart may be shown as plotting times of day excel tips net microsoft excel if you create an x y scatter chart the date and time should plot automatically this is not the case if you choose to create a bar column line or any other type of chart in those cases the x axis excel charts not accepting date time series in x axis in excel 2007 click on the chart go to the layout menu contextual menu on clicking on the chart choose the option axes primary horizontal axes more horizontal axes options under axis type excel time series chart excel tips mrexcel publishing in excel 2000 at the chart wizard step 3 of 4 click the axes tab and you can indicate that the x axis is a time scale now the default chart plots the data points with the proper amounts of time bet  Lovely 32 Sample Excel Chart Time Axis Hours

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