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Elegant 32 Examples Excel Chart Rename Labels
  edit titles or data labels in a chart office support if your chart contains chart titles ie the name of the chart or axis titles the titles shown on the x y or z axis of a chart and data labels which provide further detail on a particular data po change axis labels in a chart excel support office com tip axis labels are different from axis titles you can add to describe what is shown on the axes axis titles arent automatically shown in a chart to add them see add axis titles to a char how to change excel chart data labels to custom values we all know that chart data labels help us highlight important data points when you add data labels to a chart series excel can show either category series or data point values as data lab adding labels to the bubbles in an excel bubble chart you can apply data labels to the bubbles to show the data they represent by right clicking a bubble so the entire series is selected then choosing format data labels initially only y values are disp charts how to rename the values on y axis in excel click on the chart youve created under chart tools click the design tab click select data in the select data source window that pops up you should see two main boxes legend entries series and how to rotate x axis labels in chart your best excel to rotate x axis labels in chart please follow the steps below step 1 right click x axis then click format axis in the dialog box step 2 in the format axis window select rotate all text 27 how to rename group or row labels in excel pivottable how to rename group or row labels in excel pivottable this article i introduce the methods to rename group name and row labels name in excel pivottable rename group name rename row labels name e how to label axes in excel 6 steps with pictures wikihow the steps for labeling axes in this article can also apply to charts you create in microsoft word powerpoint and outlook edit the labels of your axes at any time by clicking directly on the labels text labels on a vertical column chart in excel peltier there are no rating labels because there is no secondary vertical axis so we have to add this axis by hand on the excel 2007 chart tools layout tab click axes then secondary horizontal axis the  Elegant 32 Examples Excel Chart Rename Labels

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