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Fresh 32 Examples Excel Chart Data Table Exclude
  is it possible to have a custom data table visible right now every time i add a data table to the chart and poke around its options i can only ever get the data for the series that are actually being charted and not additional columnar data ideall in an excel chart how do i exclude a series from the data i have a chart with 2 series and i want them both to show in the graph but have only one of them show in the data table assuming its possible how do i do that thanks john exclude series from chart data table mrexcel publishing i am programmatically creating line charts based on xml data using client side vbscript that has all gone well but some of the xml data are standards i e values that represent ideals or something excel excluding values from data table i have a chart also i cannot move the pivot table from the new worksheet it is created in to my existing worksheet i am running excel 2011 for mac i have a worksheet with a small amount of data and when i click how to hide a specific row of excel chart data table besides tossing a white square on the top of the series in the data table which isnt a terrible option you could also consider placing the chart above a range in your excel worksheet that points excluding values from data table excel help forum i would like to exclude 1 column from the data table is this possible if so how do i do it is there a way that part of the table can be a certain font and some another if i cannot exclude them alt hiding certain series in an excel data table but create the chart with all 3 series i e the three series and the total as a stacked chart then right click on the total series select chart type and change it to a line chart lastly double cli excel column chart data in table but not in graph stack i am currently creating a column chart that compares two years of sales data 2012 and 2013 i want to show the data in a table below the column graph that also includes a percentage change i hav removing 1 item from the data table below a chart hi i tried searching and i cant anything related to this topic hope you can help in a line graph i have three series one is the goal one is 2012 data and one is 2011 data in grey i have added exclude or include rows or columns of a datasheet from a chart the following procedure either excludes data from a chart without deleting the corresponding data from the datasheet or restores to the chart rows and columns that appear dimmed on the datasheet swit  Fresh 32 Examples Excel Chart Data Table Exclude

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