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Best Of 31 Design Excel Chart Axis Thousands K
  how to format axis labels as thousands millions in excel 1 right click at the axis you want to format its labels as thousands millions select format axis in the context menu 2 in the format axis dialog pane click number tab then in the category list b displaying large numbers in k thousands or m millions adding a thousand or million suffix to numbers in excel for huge numbers it is easier to read 23m or 25k rather than 23000000 or 23000 so lets see how you can convert a large number how to display axis label in millions m or thousand k and the format axis pane will display in the right of window 3 click number tab and type this 999999 mk into format code text box and then click add bu show number in thousand k or in million m by using the k or m is optional depend on whether you want to show it in the header or in the figure itself think about a number like 1000000 when you apply custom format excel tips change numbers to million m or thousand k if you use excel graphs then you must have came across to situations where big numbers make your graph messy but there is a very easy way to solve this problem display column chart y axis labels in kilok millionm hi folks i would like to display the y axis labels of a column chart in kilo millions etc i used the below mentioned formula in excel for that set of data displaying numbers in thousands in a chart in microsoft excel we will use the custom format cells option in microsoft excel to display the numbers in thousands in chart charts are linked to data and consequently any change to the format of numbers in the data format cells to display in thousands the spreadsheet page to do so double click the chart axis to display the format axis dialog box then click the number tab and specify the desired format in excel 2000 and later the scale tab of the format axis dialog change the scale of the vertical value axis in a chart by default microsoft office excel determines the minimum and maximum scale values of the vertical value axis also known as the y axis when you create a chart  Best Of 31 Design Excel Chart Axis Thousands K


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