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Unique 30 Illustration Excel Chart Non Numeric Data
  best excel tutorial chart with non numeric data sometimes you need to create a chart without numeric data you just need a simple yes no chart in excel there is such a possibility just follow these steps making a bar graph from non numeric data values hi mcgill linguistics welcome to the forums you may have to add numerical values to what an a or b or c is but here is how you can create a chart to represent your data reordering chart data series in excel stack overflow how does one reorder series used to create a chart in excel for example i go to the chart right click select data in the left column i see series 1 series 2 series n say i want to move how to have excel chart connect data points when no value im charting daily values using a line chart on some dates i dont have any data i would like the chart to connect the data points for which i have data across any gap in data so for example i excel chart types pie column line bar area and scatter selecting the chart data excel calls the data that you select for your chart a data series or in other words a set of data points a data series is usually one row of data in an excel worksheet formula to chart every nth row data using named ranges hi this post consists of 2 inter related questions 1 i have a column of data as below from which i wish to plot a chart of every nth row using excels named range as my series multiple series in one excel chart peltier tech blog a common question in online forums is how can i show multiple series in one excel chart its really not too hard to do but for someone unfamiliar with charts in excel it i present your data in a scatter chart or a line chart this formatted scatter chart displays numerical values along the horizontal and the vertical axis combining these values into single data points that are displayed in uneven intervals excel plotted my bar chart upside down peltier tech blog excel plots the vertical axis of a horizontal bar chart in the reverse order that the items appear in the worksheet heres why that happens and how to fix it excel chart several y values against one x value stack arrange your data like this then select the range of cells containing all the y values and from the ribbon do insert chart scatterplot is this what you expect  Unique 30 Illustration Excel Chart Non Numeric Data

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