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Elegant 30 Sample Excel Chart Change Increments
  change the scale of the vertical value axis in a chart to change the number at which the vertical value axis starts or ends for the minimum or maximum option type a different number in the minimum box or the maximum box to change the interval of tick modify the increments on the y axis on a chart right click the y axis select format axis from the popup menu set major unit to fixed and enter 0 02083333333333333333 in the box next to it this corresponds to 1 48 since 30 minutes 1 48 day how to change increments in excel chart keyword found how do you change the increments on a microsoft excel answers yahoo com • click your chart • choose the design tab • click change chart type in the type group • how do i change the numbers in my excel chart libanswers excel 2010 change the scale of a chart value axis by default microsoft excel determines the minimum and maximum scale values of the value y axis in a chart you can however customize the scale t manually adjust axis numbering on excel chart super user excel adds y value labels all zero above or left of the points top right chart below top right chart below format the data labels select the option to show y values and deselect other option how to change increments on graph excel yahoo answers i think your problem is that excel doesnt realize that your data isnt strictly linear it just sees three data points for your x axis 0 5 1 0 2 0 so gives you three equally spaced points on you how to change the scale of your graph in excel a quick how to on changing the scale of your graph how to change the x axis range in excel charts chron com 5 click the radio button next to specify interval unit if you want to change how often a category label appears on the chart this wont affect how the data is displayed x axis in even one hour increments microsoft community my chart type is xy scatter the x data is in the form of hhmmss the x axis is formatted in hhmmss however the values on the axis do not show up in 1 hr increments  Elegant 30 Sample Excel Chart Change Increments

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